How to Keep Your Employees Engaged During Business Meetings

Sep 18, 2018 | California Car Service, Modesto limo service

Business meeting are a great way to engage your employees and motivate them to achieve, not just company goals, but their own goals as well. However, when executed poorly, business meetings end up being a waste of everybody’s time. Fortunately, holding an engaging meeting is not as difficult as it sounds, and in this post our Modesto CA airport shuttle is sharing a few points that you can apply to make every business meeting you host a success.

For the utmost effectiveness, you have to engage every single person at the same time, from beginning to end. That means every single attendee must arrive to the meeting on time, and for that purpose we propose employing the services of our Modesto limo service for your employees’ transportation on the day of the meeting. Our professionally trained and reliable chauffeurs will transfer your employees to the venue in a safe and speedy manner, ensuring that every single attendee is there on, or ahead of time. This not only guarantees punctuality but also makes your employees feel important and appreciated, which will in turn increase their receptiveness to the message you intend to pass along during the meeting.

The following are a few more tips in how you can further increase employee engagement.


Have a Purpose

Calling a meeting for the sake of it is one of the quickest ways to lose your employees’ interest. It may be company culture to hold meetings every week/month/quarter, but your employees will lose interest if they realize that the meetings are more of a routine than a purpose-driven convention. Always make sure that your meetings have set a concrete agenda before calling for them. If you somehow find that you don’t have a detailed agenda that week/month/quarter, it would be better to cancel the meeting entirely.


Have some Good News

While the agenda of the meeting may be to address a dysfunctional aspect of the business, make it a point to always find at least one thing to celebrate during your meeting. It could be something as simple as a bug fix or the successful implementation of a minor process improvement initiative. You could even go further and celebrate the employment anniversary of someone on the team or personal achievements of some of the team members, for example, a recent marriage. No matter how small, celebrating achievements shows the employees that they are seen and appreciated and this will motivate them, not only to stay engaged during the meeting, but to work harder in their individual roles.


Give the Floor to Employees

Employees tend to tiptoe around their seniors; it is up to you to create a friendly environment where everyone feels free to express themselves. The Q&A segments of most corporate meetings tend to feature what is commonly known as ‘awkward silence’. Your employees need to feel that their input will be considered for them to stay engaged, otherwise they will only be attending business meetings for compliance purposes.